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nDalem Bantul is a new luxurious and homely resort in the south district of Jogyakarta, Indonesia. The resort was built from an original eight room villa to a sixteen room villa which is built in a combination of traditional javanese style.

In order to give a feeling of being in java with the addition of luxury for comfort and relaxation.

For those who like to travel leisurely, ndalem bantul is the ideal place.

Tourist attractions include one of the seventh world wonders "borobudur temple", also there is a prambanan temple and several temples or the palace of the sultan of Jogyakarta are nearby.

you can take a swim in the pool or make your self comfortable and enjoy massage in the gazebo

For business trevellers it is located in an ideal central part of town which is near local homes of industries with export quality products such as handcrafted materials and furniture.

an additional working area in every room with high-speed internet connection. which will allow you to keep your business going while enjoying your stay.

after work you can relax in our spa and enjoy a full body massage.

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